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What To Know About Lunges


Lunges are a very popular and challenging leg exercise. They are also very advanced. Here are the things to consider when adding them into your program.

Weights for Weight Lifting
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To Strengthen Your Bones Lift Weights


Strength training can save your life and it does it by strengthening your bones. If you are sixty-five or older the chance of suffering a hip fracture and dying as a result can be as high as sixty percent. Those…

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Why Cardio Is Not An All Or Nothing Proposition


Current American Heart Association recommendations for cardiovascular training are 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity work or 75 minutes of rigorous work. However, the AHA is careful to point out that this is not an all or nothing proposition….

Meat and Environment
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Personal Health Is Environmental Activism


Americans have been eating less meat over the last decade. The reasons, according to one survey, are price and health. The environment did not rank. But the fact is, it is only a small mental hop to understanding that because…

Overhead Position Exercise
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Basics Of The Overhead Position


Getting your arms into an overhead position seems easy, but there are a couple of key points that you need to know. Better overhead positioning will greatly improve movements like the overhead press, overhead squat, chin ups, and pulldowns.

Exercise Recovery Deload
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Don’t Forget Recovery – Deloading


Deloading is a phase in your exercise routine in which you scale back the intensity or even cease exercising altogether. The deload phase can be useful in preventing plateaus, injuries, and burnout.

Risk Management Health And Fitness
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Exercise Is About Risk Management


In February of 2017 Bob Harper, celebrity fitness professional and host of “The Biggest Loser” had a heart attack. In April of 2017 the FDA approved 23andMe’s personal genetic test, but stressed that results are not a diagnosis. The two…

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