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Does Mindfulness Help You Lose Weight?


Mindfulness has gained much currency in recent years. The idea that we need to re-focus on ourselves and our well-being in order to make positive, healthy change makes intuitive sense. But how robust is the evidence that mindfulness can help…

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Trying A Diet? Remember Food Comes With Context


Fitness goals should always be attainable. Realistic goals set one up for success, which can pave the way for new goals and new successes in an ever forward moving progression. When it comes to diet though, we often set ourselves…

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Is A Mistake In Mindset Derailing Your Fitness?


One of the goals of exercise is to be healthier and live longer and both the fitness and healthcare industries try to help people achieve exactly that. However, neither industry can provide a formula that will guarantee success. They can…

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What Robots Can Teach You About Healthy Movement


Dr. Marko Popovic, professor of Physics, Robotics, and Biomedical Engineering and the author of Biomechanics and Robotics, runs Popovic Labs at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. He and his students use biological designs to help them build mechanical systems. At the same…

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Five Fundamental Movements That Can Save Your Joints


The same way a car is designed to roll on wheels, the human body is designed to create certain movements. These fundamental movement patterns are dictated by our structure. Here is a list of fundamental movements that form the basis…

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Burpees – The Heart Rate Behemoth


Burpees are a popular exercise, especially in group fitness classes. They are also a good example of how athletic movements are just combinations of basic movement patterns. Move Your Body With The Heart Rate Behemoth – Burpees by Antoine Simmons…

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Upper Body Rotation Keeps You Healthy


The human body is designed to move. When joints are in motion, they secrete fluid which both lubricates and nourishes cartilage. Without regular movement, joints slowly deteriorate and can eventually become arthritic. One of the most under-recognized and under-appreciated movements is…

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At Eat Offbeat, Refugees Share Culture Through Cooking

In western culture, food can be a fraught topic. We focus much on its nutritional value, its caloric value, its glycemic index. Eat Offbeat, a company in New York City that trains refugees to become chefs, reminds us that what...

How To Do Squats

Squats get a lot of play in fitness because they are so efffective at training the entire body. Indeed, they build strength, muscle, coordination, and boost your metabolism. However, there is something even more important to know about squats. They...